Saturday, October 30, 2010

I love Halloween! Don't you?

I believe that the last time I went trick-or-treating, I was 17. I dressed up and went with my baby sister, Hillary, because Nate and Annie were above those things. I had a great time just being a little kid again. It had been a couple of years since I had gone, but it all came back quickly: You hold out your bag of choice, say "trick-or-treat", and people (random strangers!) put candy in your bag. Amazing! How had I stopped doing this? Why on earth did I feel that I was too "old" to get free candy? Isn't it funny what a little peer pressure can do?

My two oldest boys do not trick-or-treat any more. My oldest, Marc, is 17, so I guess that's normal. But my next child, Patrick, just turned 12 and considers himself too old for such frivolity. I had to talk my 10 year old, PJ, into going with us and his sister. Is it just me, or are kids growing up much faster than they used to? I was still a "kid" when I was in high school. Now, your average 13 year old expects to be treated as an adult. (Of course, said 13 year old probably dresses like an adult, but that's a whole other rant!) When did that happen?

I miss my kids all dressing up. I wish I could still take group pictures of all 4 of them looking cute and excited before heading out for the evening. Before I know it, they will all be "too old" to trick-or-treat, and will be wanting parties thrown instead. In Danni's case, that might be best since I can then provide treats that are safe for my poor food-allergic child. But I will still miss that cute little girl that wants to dress up and tromp up and down the streets for food that she can't even eat, just so everyone can see her adorable costume.

I'm going to thoroughly enjoy the next few years with Danni, since PJ has already informed me that he wil NOT be dressing up in some inane costume next year. I am going to take all the pictures I can while I still have a child that just wants to dress up and enjoy this one day of the year that is all about being whomever you wish to be, whether that's a princess, a hero, a monster, or (creepiest of all) a clown. Then, I guess when my kids are wanting parties thrown at our house, I will finally get to be the house that is just a little too spooky. You know, the one with the music, the fog, the lights, and the extras that make your blood chill just a little...

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